A new beginning

Posted by in Uncategorized, April 26, 2017

Good news, everyone!

With UWE’s recent decision to re-introduce the ‘ALL Tab’ in the server browser, we found the passion again to put more time into NS2. We’d like to present some community news and what we have been working on lately. We would also like to invite you to our second Gorge Plushie Event, starting this Saturday (2017-04-29). Read further down about the Event.

We also want to mention how important seeding is. Since there is the ‘ALL Tab’ again, we have the possibility to seed the server earlier. Seeders decide if the community can grow or not, and we are depended on you!

Also with the recent changes, many new players are exploring the server. Welcome them!


New Community Website

As you have surely noticed, we have a new website.  Showing now only what’s needed, in a slick design.

Special thanks to M U S E for helping designing the website,  and Redd and Brute for creating the landing page!


Gorge Plushie Event (Special give-away)

Starting this Saturday (2017-04-29), we are having our second gorge plushie hunt! The event starts randomly every day for the next 7 days. When started, the players will be notified and must search the 5 Gorge Plushies on the map. For every Gorge Plushie found, the player can claim a game from the List (to be announced on Saturday). In total that results in 35 games that can be won! (5 Gorge Plushies per daily event * 7 days).


Let Wooza’s Hamster Wheel spin again!

We are bringing Wooza’s Hamster Wheel back. The very popular 16vs16 server will come back this weekend (2017-04-28) and needs your help to seed it! Good times to seed are from 6-7 UTC+1. Only with the help of seeders will this server reestablish it’s place back into the server browser. The 10 spectator slots it usually has, are temporarily disabled and will be reactived when the server hits full capacity.


A new Wooza Operator

We have choosen to promote Christel.Mess as a Wooza Operator. He spent a long time in our community and understands it’s needs more than most of us. His advices will be helpful and we are sure the community profits from him being a Wooza Operator.


Discord Bridge

We have released the Discord-Bridge which allows us to chat from discord to the NS2 server and vice versa. In Discord you can only see the public chat. Special thank to Brute and Las for creating the mod!


NS2 Optimizations

Las and Katzenfleisch keep tweaking NS2 to help with server and client performance. Thanks to their mod, NS2 Optimizations, we and other NS2 servers are experiencing improved performance. Although problems caused by the NS2 engine can’t get fixed by them.