Wooza’s Discord Server

Posted by in Discord, News, January 4, 2016

Wooza and friends are now on discord!

Join us on discord, a cross-platform voice and text system and chat with the regulars and admins outside of the game.

Use this invitation link here to connect to our Discord Server. It is super easy to set up and use discord, try it out.

Use the chance to send us your feedback, wishes and thoughts as well as reports about red plugs.

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Wonitor – A map statistic tool for NS2

Posted by in Tool, December 29, 2015

Wonitor – A NS2 Statistic Site released!

Some might have already found our Statistic Site, Wonitor. After days of collecting data we are ready to show it to the public!

You can find Wonitor with following link:

The Site shows useful information about balance, Map- and Game time distribution and much more!

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What’s inside Wooza’s first Box?

Posted by in Uncategorized, December 13, 2015

2 Years have been passed since Wooza got his first real dedicated box to play with.
Now finally it is the time to reveal the Hardware specifications that Wooza have hidden from the public.

It all begun in August 2013 where I got an insane CPU to overclock. First benchmarks and stress testing resulting in a frequency of 5.1 GH’z which was a very nice result with an air cooler.
Sadly it wasn’t that stable in the beginning so I had to lower it to 5GHz.

Afterwards the biggest question came: What to do with this CPU? It would be a waste to just use it normally in a Computer. At the same time I found the game NS2. I combined both and the result was a new Server being displayed in the Server Browser, called Wooza’s Playground.

Now, both Wooza’s Playground and Wooza’s Hamster Wheel have been moved to Wooza’s second box. This box has newer hardware and performes approx 15-20% faster.

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Hall of Wooza Approved

Posted by in Uncategorized, November 12, 2015

Here we honor Players that grabbed our positive attention. You all contributed an important part to the community!

The Wooza Server Operators  will monthly pick a few distinguished players, whose names deserved to be here.

Wooza Approved players get a unique golden Badge : 

Newest Members

BerserkCore – Mapper of ns2_veil_war and various other crazy maps! Also is modding in NS2
Zydrytch – Creator of TremNS2 Mod and mapper of ns2_acts
SuperSheep – New to NS2, acknowledges the advantage of the mic as commander
Redferne – He definitely has fun here
biip – New players like him we need!
HoSos – NS2 veteran, stay close to him and you profit
slim – Coolest NS2 veteran, helps to keep the teams fair
ssdd – He can teach you how to bite rt’s
Reniz //Blue Spark –
HelpingFR – A really helpful guy for your team
Trygvi –
Hermantoll –

Wooza Approved Members

[=>D$<=]_ReybaN.fr – The French -can- be nice
#$$$ – A real sneaky gorge.
.riddick – High skill level by defeating stackers
546klo – Hiding on aliens

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Revive your NS2 Game! Or Just clean it up

Posted by in Uncategorized, October 29, 2015

Sometimes we all come to point to reset some settings because we messed up with something. These little helpers i introduce you below, will help you if you have any problems opening Natural Selection 2 or clean it up.

Note: These scripts works only with Windows Clients having Natural Selection 2 installed.

Delete History.bat
Deletes all visited servers and clean up the server browser. Especially useful against servers with 999 ping which mean they are no longer existing.

Delete Favorites.bat
Incase you want to delete all your favorite servers.

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Wooza’s Playground 2 Years old!

Posted by in News, October 2, 2015

Wooza’s Playground is now 2 years old and we want to celebrate this with you! Over the past years we created an awesome community and spent many hours enjoying great moments in ns2.
Without you the playground would not be the same now and that’s why i want to say THANK YOU to the most loyal and helpful people, keeping the community rocking and the servers full.

As a small thank you, I will give away many steam games! Rules are simple:

Every saturday and sunday, three people on Wooza’s Playground and Wooza’s Hamster Wheel will be randomly picked to win a free steam game from Wooza’s pool of awesomeness! They can tell me which games or genre they want most! The winners will be announced on the server, with a message of the day. It will end on October 31st.

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Posted by in Donation, June 14, 2015

Make a Donation to Apheriox.com

Cool that you found this secret page. If you like what we do why not send us a few bucks. With the donations we will spend the money on new server hardware and it also allows us to organize special give-away events.

Important: You don’t get any benefit or special care on the server by donating. As a small appreciation tho, we will give you a special badge. Read more below.

Natural Selection 2  Donation Badge

Natural Selection 2 Players can now get a special badge when making a donation. Any amount is welcome. If sending us 5USD or more you will get ability to show them next to your custom badge!

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20x Natural Selection 2 free copies!

Posted by in News, January 14, 2015

10 copies of NS2 Mega Pack and 10 copies of NS2 waiting for new players who had missed last NS2 sale or couldn’t afford it. The first 10 People asking for the game will get the Mega Pack.

Rules are simple: Add me in Steam first. I will only send the game to people if the profile is not private and if they not already own the game.

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