NS2 Trader – Complete your collection

Posted by in News, June 18, 2017

The NS2 Trader trades 1:1 NS2 Steam cards, Emoticons and Collectibles (Expect Upra’s Lucky Skulk Foot, read below for the reason). Give us the item you don’t need and request one you want to have.

How to Trade
1. Click on this link to send an offer: Send us an offer
2. Make sure your trade offer meet our rules. We only trade NS2 items.
3. Practice patience. We respond to the trade in 24-48 hours usually.

Trade Urpa’s Lucky Skulk Foot to unlock the Achievement
We help you to unlock the One Gorge’s Treasure Achievement. Write the trader a message

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Find the Gorge Plushie – Event started

Posted by in News, April 29, 2017

Once per day, we secretly hide 5 gorge plushies on a map. For every plushie you find, you win a game from the list below! But watch out, there is a lot of competitors hunting those sneaky plushies. You may get some hints on discord when the event is about to start. Also you can only win two games per day.

The event starts at Saturday, 29th April and ends on the 6th of May. That means, we’ll be giving away 35 games!

Good luck finding the plushies!

Update: We have been gifted many games from ChrisHC. Special thanks for donating them! See his games:

1x Cannon Brawl
1x CS:Go
1x Gun Monkeys
1x Half Life 2
1x Hotline Miami
1x ibb & obb
3x Leathal League
3x Monaco
1x Orion Prelude
1x Psychonauts
3x Ring Runners: Flight of the Sages
5x Super Hexagon
1x The Ship
List of games that can be won:

0x 7 Days to Die
3x Agathe Christie – The ABC Murders
2x Alan Wake
1x Anno 2070
3x Amnesia Collection
5x Amnesia – A machine for pigs
1x Among the Sleep
1x Antichamber
4x Awesomenauts
3x Battlefield 4 (Origin required)

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Wooza’s 3 year anniversary celebration with Gorge Plushie Hunt

Posted by in News, October 25, 2016

It’s almost impossible to believe, yet we celebrate our 3 years anniversary of Woozas!

What started as a pastime project back in 2013, became one of the best NS2 communities over the years. It has been a great time and I want to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal community members. You kept NS2 and 24+ servers alive!
As a small token of our appreciation, we have prepared a week long celebration with daily give aways!

Give away event – Find the secret gorge plushies!

Date: Tuesday the 25th of October till Tuesday the 1st of November (Event starts at random times, most likely when server is full).

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Wooza’s Discord Server

Posted by in Discord, News, January 4, 2016

Wooza and friends are now on discord!

Join us on discord, a cross-platform voice and text system and chat with the regulars and admins outside of the game.

Use this invitation link here to connect to our Discord Server. It is super easy to set up and use discord, try it out.

Use the chance to send us your feedback, wishes and thoughts as well as reports about red plugs.

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Wooza’s Playground 2 Years old!

Posted by in News, October 2, 2015

Wooza’s Playground is now 2 years old and we want to celebrate this with you! Over the past years we created an awesome community and spent many hours enjoying great moments in ns2.
Without you the playground would not be the same now and that’s why i want to say THANK YOU to the most loyal and helpful people, keeping the community rocking and the servers full.

As a small thank you, I will give away many steam games! Rules are simple:

Every saturday and sunday, three people on Wooza’s Playground and Wooza’s Hamster Wheel will be randomly picked to win a free steam game from Wooza’s pool of awesomeness! They can tell me which games or genre they want most! The winners will be announced on the server, with a message of the day. It will end on October 31st.

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20x Natural Selection 2 free copies!

Posted by in News, January 14, 2015

10 copies of NS2 Mega Pack and 10 copies of NS2 waiting for new players who had missed last NS2 sale or couldn’t afford it. The first 10 People asking for the game will get the Mega Pack.

Rules are simple: Add me in Steam first. I will only send the game to people if the profile is not private and if they not already own the game.

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