Find the Gorge Plushie – Event started

Posted by in News, April 29, 2017

Once per day, we secretly hide 5 gorge plushies on a map. For every plushie you find, you win a game from the list below! But watch out, there is a lot of competitors hunting those sneaky plushies. You may get some hints on discord when the event is about to start. Also you can only win two games per day.

The event starts at Saturday, 29th April and ends on the 6th of May. That means, we’ll be giving away 35 games!

Good luck finding the plushies!

Update: We have been gifted many games from ChrisHC. Special thanks for donating them! See his games:

1x Cannon Brawl
1x CS:Go
1x Gun Monkeys
1x Half Life 2
1x Hotline Miami
1x ibb & obb
3x Leathal League
3x Monaco
1x Orion Prelude
1x Psychonauts
3x Ring Runners: Flight of the Sages
5x Super Hexagon
1x The Ship
List of games that can be won:

0x 7 Days to Die
3x Agathe Christie – The ABC Murders
2x Alan Wake
1x Anno 2070
3x Amnesia Collection
5x Amnesia – A machine for pigs
1x Among the Sleep
1x Antichamber
4x Awesomenauts
3x Battlefield 4 (Origin required)
3x Bastion
0x Bioshock Triple Pack
1x Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
1x Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
2x Darksiders Franchise Pack
3x Dead Space Pack
1x Dead Rising 2 – Off the Record
1x Dead Rising 3 – Apocalypse Edition
6x Dementium 2 HD
3x Deponia – The Complete Journey
1x Deus Ex – Human Revolution
3x Dino D-Day
4x Don’t Starve
4x Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin required)
2x The Evil Within + The Fighting Chance Pack DLC
3x Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy
5x Five Nights at Freddy’s
5x Forced
5x FTL – Advanced Edition
16x Garry’s Mod
1x Gauntlet – Slayer Edition
4x Gone Home
1x Gothic Universe
3x Hammerwatch
3x Hero Siege
6x How to Survive – Dead Summer Days Bundle
3x Interstellar Marines
6x Isaac Collection
5x Kairo
4x Killing Floor 2
3x Kholat
1x Layers of Fear
2x Mass Effect Trilogy
3x Mad Max + The Ripper DLC
2x Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition
4x Monaco
1x Mount & Blade – Warband
1x Montague’s Mount
1x Neverending Nightmares
1x One Way Heroics
3x Papers, Please
2x Payday 2
4x Penumbra – Collection Pack
3x Planetary Annhilation
7x Postal
1x Q-Beh-1
1x Risen 3
1x Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack
1x Sanctum 2
1x Serious Sam 2
2x Serious Sam 3
1x Serious Sam –The Complete Pack
1x Serious Sam HD – Gold Edition
5x Shelter 2
7x Sir, You Are Being Hunted
4x Skyrim
4x Slender – The Arrival
3x Speedrunners
1x Stronghold Crusader HD
1x Terraria
1x The Talos Principle
3x The Stanley Parable
4x The Witcher 1 & 2
4x Thomas was alone
3x To the Moon
1x Torchlight II
5x Tropico 4 – Collectors Bundle
4x Turbo Dismount