Hall of Wooza Approved

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Here we honor Players that grabbed our positive attention. You all contributed an important part to the community!

The Wooza Server Operators  will monthly pick a few distinguished players, whose names deserved to be here.

Wooza Approved players get a unique golden Badge : 


Newest Members

BerserkCore – Mapper of ns2_veil_war and various other crazy maps! Also is modding in NS2
Zydrytch – Creator of TremNS2 Mod and mapper of ns2_acts
SuperSheep – New to NS2, acknowledges the advantage of the mic as commander
Redferne – He definitely has fun here
biip – New players like him we need!
HoSos – NS2 veteran, stay close to him and you profit
slim – Coolest NS2 veteran, helps to keep the teams fair
ssdd – He can teach you how to bite rt’s
Reniz //Blue Spark –
HelpingFR – A really helpful guy for your team
Trygvi –
Hermantoll –

Wooza Approved Members

[=>D$<=]_ReybaN.fr – The French -can- be nice
#$$$ – A real sneaky gorge.
.riddick – High skill level by defeating stackers
546klo – Hiding on aliens

absolutswede – Won the giveaway
Airwolf_swe – A true blue babbler
Arkanum – Solid as a rock
Assault – Any team would be lucky to have him on it
Autophobic – Ask him about anything techy
Axamdy – Hosting servers and the community for China
Batou – Opens Scoreboard just to check Team’s average skills
Bert John – Broadcasting funny stuff through his mic
bin2brain – Was born on Wooza’s
bipbip^^ – Laughing while biting your arm off
Black Forest Cake– Not even Drifter Patrols can stop this sneaky guy
Brainfood – Spends alot of time doing fantastic maps
Bron – Master Rookie Coach
Brute – Creator of Wonitor (Statistic Site)
Builder– Tried the hardest
Bulls Eye– Knows all NS2 jokes
Caitlyn Holds C – Ubercomm
Celtic Son – Longtime player and skilled commander with a good attitude.
Christel.Mess & Princess_cathy – The Hamster Wheel is now powered by their love
Cyzed – Knows Wooza better than anyone
c0xx – That’s a zero not an ‘O’
derv.god– Hero of balanced teams
DIEDIEDIE^– Helps seeding the server with less players on
Dilligaf– First to connect
Duplicant – Got a weekend job
erikawaiii – Didn’t switch after shuffle
Erock – Leading team AND Scoreboard
Exo Expert – Connecting from half around the planet
Fen – Decent teamplayer. Join his team
Fetstryk – Runs ns2.exe as OS
Flashr(bot) – He was cool way before hipsters were cool
Freddy – Lives between the servers RAM modules.
Fry73 – Joins every community event
Furs – Server op and compet player with addiction to 24+
GC d4rk_4nt – Helpful teammate.
gorgemuffins – DJ on Wooza’s.
Gretel Mk Monkey – He is a smart cookie
Hannibal Barca – A good field commander
Henriquecs – “Wants NS2 to be a great game again with mods have the chance to grow and be part of the community”.
Hexan – Joins the server while you are still sleeping
hix – Doesn’t know the word “concede”.
Hoche Neuwied – Good man. Helps seed other servers, too
hommedelaroche – Will help you learn to play aliens
Izimod – And other various names
Jason – Switched teams to even when Sel didn’t
jAZz– A jazzual suspect.
Jib – Best player to have on your team
Kasuku – Just biled your power
Katzenfleisch – Faded mod, helped with hc detection
KEЯNEL panic – He likes to explore new game modes!
Knugen – Playing NS2 every day
kortikal – Loves taking down aliens
krissen – Good guy, seeds a lot
L-900 – Has creepshots of all your dead lerks
Las – New to NS2 and thinks Arcade is pretty cool!
Licho – Oldschool
Lyran – 20 marines to command and he is still bored
ia – Bright as a button
ieptav – Anime Fan
Immortal-King – Happy to have local all talk back
iPezz– Got caught counter-stacking
MaddoK< – Skill level on res biting: Time traveller
Martigen – Loyal Wooza NS2 server administrator since forever
memberst[kor] – NS Veteran
miika – Calm and collected
Minsci– Mapper of ns2_yana
Ms.Fire – Allrounder
Nalice – Rookie no more!
Nappa– A nice guy who helps the weaker team with advanced commander skills
Newb – The gorge you need as commander
Nine – Discovers your sneaky gorge everywhere!
Niuramo – Killed you, again
Neo – Was once a stacker, now the opposite!
oth – Usually behind you trying to weld your sorry ass
Ow My Eye – Nice fella
Parcoon – Grew up on Woozas
Pata Pata – Beware of the gorge
Pereba – With us since the beginning
Poolday.se – Long time Wooza Player
peter – Cool guy, doesn’t give up when your comm does
PWNER – Designed with MUSE the Badges / Patches Tutorials
Popcorn – Propaganda on Youtube and helps having a colorful scoreboard
Radimax – If you finally get in contact with him, he can do cool artsy things for you
RainHeavy – Teamplayer. Can beat stacks.
Redd – Wooza’s Soulmate <3
Scoops – A true Wooza supporter.
Shadowcast – Helped Wooza since he started.
ShykenUnlocked the seeding achievement
SixtyWattMan – “We are separate but equal”.
Starset – Good allrounder
Sujine – She was with us since the first days of Playground!
Tempy Uj
twitch.tv/theseffy – Playground on Twitch! Check out his channel: www.twitch.tv/theseffy.
thlaspi – Plays NS2 Combat!
TINRIB – A good soul
uLow | Bambus – Keeps the Hamster Wheel turning
UncleChicken – A hamster in disguise
weed – Really needs a badge
wrestler– No kiddin’
xaN – Beats your stacked team every time
Xeeth – Currently on the server
XoPhyte – He can be your friend
Yolo Lolo– Asked to be part of the approved members.
Zith – Strategic mastermind