How-To: Create your own Shoulder Patch

Posted by in Customization, August 13, 2016

Wooza now offers TSF recruits to draw a custom shoulder patch before they go to war.

You either can pick between three hand crafted patches Muse made or you send your own image! Follow the steps below to create your own shoulder patch.

Wooza Approved and Donator members will receive their unique shoulder patch in the week beginning from the 14th of August.

How-To: create your own shoulder patch

Step 1: Be creative!
Create an image (or use one from the Internet) with the dimension of 256x256px. Make sure to have a transparent background on your image. Preferred format is .dds but .psd or png are also accepted. Others are not supported, You can use Paint.NET for free and Paint.NET also offers you to save your badge directly as .dds file (Choose DXT5 format when saving.)

STEP 2: Find out your STEAM ID:
Visit this link: and paste your Steam Profile URL. Note the result.

STEP 3: Convert your STEAM ID into your NS2 ID:
Example: STEAM_0:0:1234567 equals NS2 ID 2469134 (1234567 * 2 = 2469134)
STEAM_0:1:1234567 equals NS2 ID 2469135 (1234567 * 2 + 1 = 2469135)

Use following formula: 1234567 * 2 ( If your STEAM ID is STEAM_0:1:1234567, the formula is 1234567 * 2 + 1 )

STEP 4: Send an email to and:
-> type “Shoulder Patch” followed by your NS2 ID in the subject field (If it’s not the first time sending patches or badges, then please add the word “Update” behind the NS2 ID.)
Example Subject: Shoulder Patch 2469134

-> attach your custom patch picture file to the email ( example: )

When done, practice patience until we add it to the servers (Updates are done once a week.)

We will not add patches, created by UnkownWorldsEntertainment. Your patches will be available on all our NS2 Servers. If you sent multiple patches, you can switch between them in-game, by clicking esc “customize player”. On bottom left will be a menu to select the patches).

If you have any questions or problems when creating a patch, feel free to contact us on Discord.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Zycar for creating this mod. You can find the link to the workshop mod here
He will soon present even more awesome stuff, like custom skins.