Promoted Map of the Month – ns2_yana

Posted by in Uncategorized, May 15, 2017

This month (May 2017) promoted map: ns2_yana

Lately we decided to give those custom maps a spotlight on our servers who have received a huge update or where the mapper is working hard to get his map done. Creating a map is a very time-consuming hobby and requires a lot of skills, especially for a game like NS2. We appreciate the work of the mappers and we love custom maps. Therefore we pick one map each month, that deserves to have the full attention from us. Promoted maps will have a high chance to be displayed in the mapvote (80% to be exact). This month promoted map: ns2_yana

ns2_yana has been recently received a lot of updates and gains a lot of popularity. Time for us to give the map some spotlight! Minsci is working on the map since 2013 and we following the progress since then. We hope to see a lot more beatiful updates and can’t wait play to see the final version!

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