Relaunching Wooza’s Hamsterwheel

Posted by in Uncategorized, May 13, 2017

It’s time to bring back Wooza’s Hamsterwheel server!

Wooza’s Hamsterwheel offers intense 16vs16 battles. Ideally for those who think 21vs21 is too much but 12vs12 on the other side too less action.
The server is also perfect for new players; Welcome and support them!
When the server is in a healthy state, we might add 10 spectator slots back. This is not sure yet.

Every succesful server requires seeders. Even tho this server was once very popular, things have changed and it needs time to bring back the server in it’s old shape.
Good times to seed Wooza’s Hamsterwheel are at 6-7pm UTC+1.

Btw. all people playing on Hamsterwheel from the 13th of May till the 20th of May, will receive a special badge and shoulder patch!