Server Status Gadget and Quick Join

Posted by in Tool, July 9, 2016

The Server Status Gadgets has two functions:

  1. Showing Server details on the desktop.
  2. Join the server without opening the game by clicking on the gadget

Each server has two versions:
Lite: Shows actual playersize and current map.
Full: Shows actual playersize, current map, Detail Player Chart of past 24 hours and Top Players.


You can find the download at the bottom of the page.


How to install:

Windows Vista / 7
1. Simply double click on the desired gadget you wish to install.

Windows 8 / 10
1. Download the 8GadgetPack from here:
2. Install 8GadgetPack.
3. After you successfully installed 8GadgetPack, double click on the desired gadgets to install

Move the Gadget:
Moving the Gadget can be quite difficult as it mostly prompts you to join the server instead. Place the cursor underneath the close button ‘X’ and drag the gadget to the desired place on the screen.