Wooza’s 3 year anniversary celebration with Gorge Plushie Hunt

Posted by in News, October 25, 2016

It’s almost impossible to believe, yet we celebrate our 3 years anniversary of Woozas!

What started as a pastime project back in 2013, became one of the best NS2 communities over the years. It has been a great time and I want to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal community members. You kept NS2 and 24+ servers alive!
As a small token of our appreciation, we have prepared a week long celebration with daily give aways!

Give away event – Find the secret gorge plushies!

Date: Tuesday the 25th of October till Tuesday the 1st of November (Event starts at random times, most likely when server is full).

Requirement: Be in NS2 when the event started,
How to win: When the event starts, you have the chance to find 5 gorge plushies (on Wooza’s Hamster Wheel there will be 3 plushies) on official maps. As marine you have to shoot them with your pistol, as alien press E when you are close to them.
Games you can win:
Total games that can be won on Playground during the 7 days: 35
Total games that can be won on Hamster Wheel during the 7 days: 21

Future of Wooza’s

The future is unknown and as you might have realized already: Being in a separate browser tab still hurts us, we do not gain enough new players to be as popular as we once were. We still hope that the situation will change with UWE and that we will find our way back to the main tab.
The admin crew of Wooza’s is working hard behind the scenes on some fresh exciting ideas.
We currently focus on finishing our custom skin progress system. The system will allow you to unlock unique skins and other personalized stuff by fulfilling missions.
Stay tuned for updates!

List of the games that can be won:

1x 7 Days to Die
3x Agathe Christie – The ABC Murders
4x Alan Wake
0x Alien: Isolation – Ripley Edition
1x Anno 2070
3x Amnesia Collection
5x Amnesia – A machine for pigs
1x Among the Sleep
1x Antichamber
4x Awesomenauts
0x Battlefield 1 (Origin required)
3x Bastion
2x Bioshock Triple Pack
1x Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
1x Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
2x Darksiders Franchise Pack
3x Dead Space Pack
1x Dead Rising 2 – Off the Record
1x Dead Rising 3 – Apocalypse Edition
6x Dementium 2 HD
3x Deponia – The Complete Journey
1x Deus Ex – Human Revolution
3x Dino D-Day
4x Don’t Starve
1x Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin required)
2x The Evil Within + The Fighting Chance Pack DLC
0x Far Cry 4 (Uplay required)
3x Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy
5x Five Nights at Freddy’s
5x Forced
5x FTL – Advanced Edition
15x Garry’s Mod
1x Gauntlet – Slayer Edition
4x Gone Home
1x Gothic Universe
3x Hammerwatch
3x Hero Siege
6x How to Survive – Dead Summer Days Bundle
3x Interstellar Marines
6x Isaac Collection
5x Kairo
3x Kholat
1x Layers of Fear
4x Monaco
1x Mount & Blade – Warband
1x Montague’s Mount
1x Neverending Nightmares
1x One Way Heroics
3x Papers, Please
2x Payday 2
4x Penumbra – Collection Pack
3x Planetary Annhilation
7x Postal
1x Q-Beh-1
1x Risen 3
1x Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack
1x Sanctum 2
1x Serious Sam 2
2x Serious Sam 3
1x Serious Sam –The Complete Pack
1x Serious Sam HD – Gold Edition
5x Shelter 2
7x Sir, You Are Being Hunted
4x Skyrim
4x Slender – The Arrival
3x Speedrunners
1x Stronghold Crusader HD
1x Terraria
2x The Talos Principle
3x The Stanley Parable
5x The Witcher 1 & 2
4x Thomas was alone
3x To the Moon
1x Torchlight II
5x Tropico 4 – Collectors Bundle
4x Turbo Dismount

Happy gorge hunting!